In order to help keep people healthy during this period MeU is offering our VIRTUALCARE™ MULTIMEDIA CHAT & VIDEO CALL tools.

Up and running in 1 day.

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MeU is much much more than just a real-time video calling tool – true, scalable Virtual Care

Our HIPAA compliant CHAT tool does not require “real-time” calls or scheduling so it enables your existing staff to remotely monitor and care for many more patients – use with clinicians, staff, patients, family caregivers

Reach larger numbers of people quickly by removing “telehealth” barriers of staff availability, scheduling, wait times, missed appointments, technical infrastructure

Include Family Caregivers – the front line of keeping patients out of the ER and hospitals

Translation in up to 62 languages

Share mobile photo, video, text, voice message education and how tos that can be repeat viewed when needed, most useful

Our VIDEO CALL telemedicine tool can have up to 50 participants from any computer and iOS/Android phone. Does not require any technical infrastructure to reach everyone in your ecosystem.

Patients/family caregivers can HIPAA securely send health status, remote monitoring results back

All encounter data is viewable, saved and can be transferred at any time to third party databases

ALL ENCOUNTERS REIMBURSABLE – we have the reports!

Real-time COVID-19 Use Case #1


On March 17th, a customer in New York received news that they could no longer perform in-person counseling with their addiction recovery patients. Consequently, they reached out to MeU Care to understand how quickly 24 counselors could be trained on MeU Care to leverage the platform for “virtual counseling.”


MeU Care’s team quickly responded by providing web-based training the morning of 3/18 to all 24 counselors and they began using the platform immediately.

Customer Feedback

"Just an update: I have now had 2 virtual meetings (C.B. and J. R.) and it is AMAZING! Not only did the clients feel better but I as an advocate feel like I am there for them to the best of my ability. I have a feeling I am going to be using this very often and already have 3 more scheduled.”

Real-time COVID-19 Use Case #2


On March 19th, MeU Care was contacted by the CEO of a California-based health plan with IPAs and Medicaid members to better understand the capabilities of MeU Care’s VIRTUALCARE™ platform. The state of California is aggressively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and most health plans are being pressured to respond quickly. This plan ran a quick study with two leading telehealth companies and discovered that “real-time” telehealth solutions had up to 2-hour wait times for online video consultations.


MeU Care is in the process of rolling out the MeU Care platform to the health plan’s associated doctors so they can perform their own virtual video consultations and also utilize MULTIMEDIA CHAT for on-demand engagement, symptom monitoring and ongoing support to their member community – including at-risk seniors. Additionally, there are no upfront system integration requirements, which can often delay deployment, as MeU Care was designed to store all data so that it can be accessed by their customers, and even transferred to third-party databases later as needed.