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Campaigns that Enhance and Track Patient Experience

Patient Satisfaction – Post Discharge, Program, facility

Behavioral Campaigns

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Employee Job Satisfaction

Patient/Caregiver Health Management Confidence

Health Goal setting Tips

Adherence Monitoring Campaigns with Surveys

Medication Adherence

Care Plan Compliance


Post Discharge Follow-Up

Secure, PHI-protected Education Campaigns to Targeted Populations






Outreach to Communities of Interest

Using Multimedia Message Campaigns

Case Study: Patients Newly Diagnosed With Diabetes Referred to Diabetes Management Program Provided by Health Educators

Patients were showing up to the first class 19% of the time, necessitating follow-up calls and more costly/less efficient one-to-one education

Most of the patients polled provided the following reasons for not attending: Fear of the diagnosis (“Are they going to stick me with needles?”) Fear of visiting the Doctor’s Office Not knowing the Health Educator Forgetting they had an appointment for the class

Resolution with the use of MeU CARE Campaign Outreach

Step One: Send a HIPAA Secure Message with pre-recorded personalized MeU CARE video message from the Health Educator (HE) The HE is friendly, inviting and explains “When you come to the Diabetes Management Program each week we will talk about nutrition and how to make your life easier with Diabetes” Sent to all Program Attendees and their caregiver as campaign via email, SMS or the App Deep activation, relationship building before the first class

Step Two: Send an automated/scheduled Personalized Video Appointment Reminder to the Patient and Caregiver Sent to all Program Attendees as campaign via email, SMS or the MeU Care App.

Attendance rate for first class increased to 60%

Note: Analytics engine delivers real-time views of patient status, responses, encounter data

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