Me+U Analytics Grapgics


Connect & Close the Gaps with Actionable Insight Analytics

Actionable analytics from multiple channels allows you to address gaps in communication and care across the continuum.

Encounter and Intervention Data

From Multiple Channels

At the patient/consumer; population; organizational level

Triggers alerts

Tracks each message

Who in patient ecosystem saw/replied to information

How many seconds watched, not watched

What questions answered

Real-time, Accurate, Accessible

Exportable to any system

Analytics Support and Enhance

Informed Decision Making

Workflows that positively impact staff and patient experience

Message and Campaign effectiveness

AI Driven Engagement Strategy and Impact

Outreach to high risk populations

Compliance with Preventive care

AI Driven Engagement Strategy and Impact

Clinical and financial outcomes

Meeting audit and regulatory Compliance Requirements

Me+U Care Actionable Data

Track, Monitor, Analyze

All communications and Channels:

Campaign, Survey, Secure Message Statistics

Audio/Video Call History and Reports

Appointment Confirmations

Staff Activity/Productivity

Invites sent/accepted by each staff user

Chats saved by each staff user

Patient/Consumer Engagement/Activatione

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