A Better, Easier Way to Securely Communicate Across Your Ecosystem

One System-wide Platform

Patients, Family Caregivers, Providers, Team Members

Flexibility to easily customize hyper-local, differentiated communications

Patient Experience & Engagement

Patients/members were reached with Me+U SMS Media Messages with an 82% success rate. Family caregivers were reached with a 72% success rate. Quality measures improved 30% annually.

Patient Experience & Engagement
Patient Experience & Engagement

Easy, Secure Virtual Customer Navigation


Health Plans, Health Systems, Pharmacies experience low utilization of portal investments and significant call center expense that need improvement.

Need to handle high volumes of administrative inquires that are NOT clinically oriented (e.g. benefits coverage, authorization approvals, claim filing procedures.)


Increase efficient, “no FTE” digital communication across customer constituents (providers, patients, members) with Me+U’s “no app” HITRUST and HIPAA secure SMS Media Messages.

Answer questions “first time” through targeted navigation to existing content.

Results: Drives utilization of existing portals and reduces call center expense.
Improves brand loyalty and overall customer satisfaction.

Easy, Secure Virtual Customer Navigation
Easy, Secure Virtual Customer Navigation

Patient Care Navigation

Only 19% of a client’s first time diabetes patients were meeting with a provider.

After using Me+U’s mobile outreach tool that included a PHI secure personal video message from the care manager, attendance rose to 62% within 45 days.

Patient Care Navigation
Patient Care Navigation

Virtual Care Management

Home dialysis patients were being readmitted too often due to infections at the catheter insertion point.

After using Me+U to take a HIPAA compliant daily photograph of the insertion point, that was shared remotely with a clinic nurse, readmission declined by 50% at a savings of over $50,000 per hospitalization.

Virtual Care Management
Virtual Care Management

Customer Success Story

Started with 3 use cases

Easily transfer knowledge across the health continuum 1:1 & 1:many

Covering hundreds of thousands of patients and providers

Started with

SMS Campaigns for: diabetes, testing, adherence, CAHPS, open enrollment, care relationships

Within 90 days,

increased COVID vaccinations, saving costs of care and meeting regulatory hurdles

Sending millions of messages with 82% engagement for over 40 uses including Care Gaps, Medicare Advantage, SDOH

Joint relationship with Pharmacy connecting consumers, pharmacists and care coordinators to reduce diabetes and asthma/COPD

Now have over 40 use cases

Adding direct Care Management, Care Guides

30% Improvement in Critical KPIs PCP Visits, Med Adherence, Readmissions/ED Avoidance

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